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HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley

At HOGA, we strive to bring serenity and well being to the mind and body thru our organic HOGA Agarwood Tea which is harvested from the Aquilaria plants at Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng. We also offer the HOGA Experience ride which aims to give you an important message of conservation of our Agarwood trees while enriching your body with roaming negative ions and our HOGA tea. Take a breather walking in the lush greens , feeding tortoises and fish, while snapping those Instagram worthy images at all our scenic sites. We also serve delicious gaharu tea infused meals from toast and ice creams to nasi lemak and hot soupy noodles.
Gaharu Tea Valley is the first organic agarwood plantation in Malaysia earning a Malaysia Book of Records for this. It also stakes a claim as a one of a kind, Agarwood tree in the world with its Geographically identified hybrid Gaharu Gopeng trees.


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