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Gopeng Town Heritage Walk

Gopeng, a 150 years old town in Kampar District, was one strategic place where the great tin mining industry of Malaysia was once existed before the tin empire has collapsed in 1980s. Its name was believed to be originated from a Chinese man called Mo Peng (毛兵); however, it was converted into Gopeng as it was believed that the British found the first name was hard to be pronounced.

True to its legacy as Gopeng was a place where great notable residents were happened to be born at there or to be involved in an official event as stated in the Malaysia's history, including Mr. Eu Kong Pui (1853–1892), founder of "Eu Yan Sang", Dr Sun Yat Sen (the leader of the historic Chinese revolutionary leader) stayed in Gopeng briefly during the period 1909-1911, and etc.

Now follow the steps of the local expert to bring you to explore and discover more detailed history behind 150 year old town, as well as local town culture , and of course food.


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