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Ubudiah Mosque

The Royal town of Kuala Kangsar holds historical values which are related to the colonial period. Among the attractions of Kuala Kangsar are the Iskandariah Palace, the Royal Museum, Ubudiah Mosque, Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery which are a must-see for historical buffs.

This magnificent mosque is located beside the Royal Mausoleum at Bukit Chandan. The mosque stands proudly and majestically in Kuala Kangsar with its golden dome and minarets creating a spellbinding sight from near and afar. Sultan Idris Murshidul Al-Adzam Shah commissioned in 1913 the construction of a mosque of great beauty to fulfill a vow made upon his recovery from an illness. The Ubudiah Mosque was completed in 1917, after the death of Sultan Idris, and was opened by his successor, Sultan Abdul Jalil Kamaratullah Shah (1916-1918). Occupied with four 126ft height towers and circulated with 60feets domes. The walls and floors were made of red and white marble which is specially imported from Italy and London. Additions have been made recently to accommodate a larger congregation. However, details of the original design were retained to preserve the mosque’s character. This imposing structure is now a symbol of great pride to all muslims in the state of Perak, Land of Grace.


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