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Kampar Tin Mining Heritage Trail

The Kampar Tin Mining Heritage Trail offers a local insight into the historical and cultural landscape of Kampar Old Town.

Founded in 1887, Kampar is situated in Kinta Valley, known for its role as a tin mining town. The local Chinese community believe that the name Kampar was derived from the word "kam pou", meaning "precious gold", which referred to the town's large tin reserves in the past. These mines flourished in the late 19th century, and fell into decline in the late 20th century. These have left their mark on the architecture, community and lifestyle of the locals in the town.

Join this 3-hour guided tour with Jacky, a local who is passionate about sharing the unique history of his hometown to guests. Along the 3km trail, the attractions create a compelling backdrop for the in-depth storytelling. Covering the 1800s to the present, the trail covers the old legends surrounding the Old Town, stories of the settlers and tin mining pioneers, the Battle of Kampar, clan wars, British colonisation, Japanese Occupation, Communists and modern changes that made the town what it is today.


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