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Exclusive Night Safari Promotion

In a move to welcome the new year, the Night Safari Taiping is offering 30% discount for all visitors beginning 1st January 2021. Located in Taiping, Perak, the zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals representing 160 local and exotic species. 


Opened in 1961, the Taiping Zoo is recognised as the first zoo in Malaysia, and the Taiping Zoo’s Night Safari is also the first of its kind in our country. A visit to the Night Safari offers visitors a chance to catch a glimpse of the nocturnal animals in their natural settings thanks to the zoo’s open concept animal enclosures. It is not unusual to find animals roaming freely as visitors make their way through the zoo in the moonlight. 


Located in the scenic surroundings of Taiping Lake Gardens, just a short drive down from the Larut Hill, the Taiping Zoo is also known for their successful conservation efforts, having witnessed four births of the Malayan Tigers and the successful breeding of the endangered milky stork, to name a few. Dedicated to teaching visitors on the importance of animal conservation, Taiping Zoo & Night Safari also offers other packages such as the Edu-Fun & Learn and the Special Zoo Ranger Tours for visitors who want to learn more about animals and the zoo’s conservation efforts. 


Taiping Zoo & Night Safari invites all to experience and witness the nocturnal wildlife in a natural setting. Tickets for the Night Safari are available for purchase at the zoo’s ticket counter. Discounted tickets are applicable for weekday visits only.