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SOP For Domestic Travel Bubble




This guideline/SOP for Domestic Travel Bubble covers:

-       Tourist travelling between green-zoned areas

o   intra-state movement within Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) Commune / District / State

o   inter-state movement out from a CMCO Commune / District / State to a different Commune / District / State

-       The use of private vehicles, rental cars, public transport, and tourism vehicles (i.e. buses, trains, planes, ferries, boats, etc.)

-       All tourism activities

-       All allowed activities with the exception of those listed in the prohibited list


Fixed Instructions:

-       Vacations in Enhance Movement Control Order (EMCO) areas are not allowed

-       This guideline is subject to local authority regulations 

-       Conditions imposed by the Tourism Product Management Agency

-       Regulation 10 P.U. (A) 254/2020 Act 342

-       Tourism Vehicle Licensing Act [Act 594]

-       Tourism Industry Act 1992 [Act 482] and Regulations thereunder

-       Other instructions


Categories and Brief Descriptions of:


Permitted Movements

-       Only movements from green status Commune / District / State to another green status Commune / District / State are allowed— either for intra-state movements when in the same CMCO State or for inter-state movement going across / coming into other CMCO / EMCO State.

-       Movements in/out from EMCO areas are not permitted.

-       Commune / District / State colour zone is determined by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and broadcasted by the National Security Council (NSC) on a daily basis.

-       Movements under travel packages run by travel companies licensed and registered with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) are strongly encouraged. (Tourist Category)

-       Free Independent Traveller (FIT).

-       Families.

-       Tourist Groups (Travel Packages under licensed and registered travel companies) with existing capacity of public transport, tourism, and private vehicles.

-       Individuals who are close contacts with COVID-19 positive cases, or those who are subject to Home Surveillance Order (HSO) and mandatory quarantine, as well as individuals who have just returned from red-zoned areas and are symptomatic are not allowed to travel.


Types of Domestic Vacations

-       Daily vacations (departing and returning on the same day).

-       Vacations with lodging reservations/tickets that have been made in advance by tourists with any tourism operators.

-       Vacation package tours through a legitimate travel company licensed and registered with MOTAC.

-       Vacation package tours with licensed tour guides travelling with tourist vehicles licensed and registered with MOTAC.


Types of Domestic Tourism Activities

-       Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE)

-       Travel Fairs / Travel Marts / Tourism and Culture Carnivals

-       Adventure and Sports Tourism Activities

-       Tourist Attraction Centres activities and Premises of Culture, Arts and Heritage

-       Special Interest Tourism activities (i.e. golfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, cycling, angling, yachting, etc.) and Eco-Travel activities (i.e. bird watching, caving, mountain climbing, white-water rafting, hiking, jungle trekking, etc.)

-       Courses / Trainings / Seminars related to Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage


Permission to Cross Districts / States:

-       Tourists travelling from green status Commune / District / State heading directly to green status tourist destinations WITHOUT crossing yellow-, orange- and red-zoned areas are permitted to move WITHOUT the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) permission.

-       Tourists from Green Commune / District / State heading directly to green tourist destination passing through yellow-, orange- and red-zoned areas MUST obtain PDRM’s permission.

-       Application for movement permits for family and tourist group travel packages under a legitimate travel company licensed and registered with MOTAC can be made in bulk to the PDRM.

-       Tourists from green-zoned areas must show a declaration that their current status of COVID-19 risk is low (through the MySejahtera Profile application), proof of booking accommodation/tickets/travel packages, travel itinerary, or any documents determined by PDRM.



Safety Responsibilities to be Undertaken by Travellers:


Before the Journey:

-       Monitor self-health status by ensuring the current level of COVID-19 risk is low through the MySejahtera application.

-       Book accommodation/attractions/theme parks etc. for the purpose of obtaining movement permits (if applicable).

-       Apply for PDRM movement permit for travels between green-zoned areas that crosses yellow-, orange- and red-zoned areas.


During the Journey:

-       Monitor self-health status and the health of each family member/group member by taking their respective body temperature and ensuring they exhibit no COVID-19 symptoms.

-       Must ensure that their MySejahtera Profiles of COVID-19 risk status is low and must ensure check-in with MySejahtera application at every stop/destination.

-       Must wear facemasks in public areas and in public vehicles.

-       Travel directly to holiday destinations WITHOUT other stops/transit in yellow-, orange- and red-zoned areas.

-       Comply with every travel instruction and CMCO SOPs that are currently in force.


Upon Return:

-       Monitor self-health status and the health of each family member.

-       Quarantine yourself voluntarily and immediately seek treatment at the nearest health facility should you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.

-       Always adhere to the New Normal SOP by avoiding the 3Cs (crowded space, confined space and close conversation) and adopting the 3Ws (wash, wear and warn).


Safety Responsibilities of Tourism Entrepreneurs / Tourism Service Providers:


            Before the Journey:

-       Inform the need for tourists to obtain PDRM permit for travel when crossing yellow-, orange- and red-zoned areas.

-       Tourism business providers that provide travel packages—with/without tour guides—that include boarding of tour vehicles crossing yellow-, orange- and red-zoned areas can obtain PDRM movement permits for their group of tourists, in bulk. 

-       Provide special rooms/sickbay for emergency isolation of unhealthy or symptomatic tourists, if necessary.

-       Tourism vehicles that are legally registered and licensed with MOTAC and the Ministry of Transport (MOT) can move WITHOUT PDRM permits and it is adequate to only show the vehicle permit / Temporary Change License (LPS) if required.


During the Journey:

-       Ensure tourists check-in at premises using MySejahtera application or manually record visitors' names, phone numbers and body temperatures.

-       Do not allow the entry of tourists with body temperatures above 37.5 °C and immediately isolate them.

-       Check and ensure the risk status of the tourist’s MySejahtera Profile is low.

-       Advise tourists to seek immediate treatment at the nearest health facility if body temperature exceeds 37.5 °C and if they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.

-       Ensure compliance with each travel instruction and CMCO SOPs in force.


Upon Return:

-       Take appropriate actions if tourists visiting the premises are found to be COVID-19 positive. 


-       Follow relevant SOPs:

o      SOP related to the Domestic Tourism Sector in force.

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