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Perak -The Land of Grace

The historical stories of Perak are not merely those of a colonial past and not merely of an industry. They are of a period of time when people from many backgrounds and many parts of the world first came to Perak and to Malaysia. Many made fortunes and the towkays of Perak are legendary. People from many ethnic groups from Malaysia, Asia and the West have roots in Perak. Visitors wishing to explore their connections are made welcome and the tourism industry helps by presenting history to visitors.


Perak has a green and clean environment. It has pristine natural places well managed for their conservation values. The jewel in the crown in this regard is Royal Belum State Park, a tropical rainforest wilderness that may be viewed easily without discomfort and without impacts. It has picturesque karst landscapes within which wild rivers and caves provide settings for outdoor activities. The beaches of Perak are packaged with the backdrop of nature. Nature is accessible. Even views from the road are of nature.

In June 2016, Lonely Planet named Ipoh as the 6th best place to visit in Asia. An inscription such as this from Lonely Planet sheds light on Ipoh as not just a cozy old town, but also a great place to visit and experience the life of the local people here. And in 2017, Lonely Planet listed the entire state of Perak as the 9th of 10 Top Regions in the World to visit in 2017.
With all the wondrous attractions to explore in Perak, we hope to see you soon.